Grant Wood Neighborhood Walking Tour

One of Cedar Rapids’ best kept secrets has now come to light. Not only did Grant Wood reside in this Northeast side neighborhood, but also his grandparents, aunts, uncles and immediate family. Many of the people he painted and painted for also lived in this area. It wasn’t just a coincidence that Grant Wood knew many of the people listed here. It was the close bonding of being neighbors that brought them together. This history is about Grant Wood from his arrival in Cedar Rapids in 1901 until he left this neighborhood to build houses with his friend Paul Craver Hanson in the Cedar Rapids Kenwood Park Addition.

Interactive Map

  1. 318 14th St NE (Grant Wood)
  2. 302 14th St NE (Joseph Woitishek)
  3. 1408 First Ave NE (Dr. Richard Lord)
  4. 1508 First Ave NE (Dr Byron McKeeby)
  5. 1544 A Ave NE (DeVolson Weaver and Nancy Weaver)
  6. 1700 A Ave NE (Fred Weaver)
  7. 1847 B Ave NE (Albert and Mary Hanson)
  8. 1818 B Ave (John and Ruth Barry)
  9. 1700 B Ave NE (Central Park Presbyterian Church)
10. 1631 B Ave NE (Ralph Lewis)
11. 1623 B Ave NE (David Turner)
12. 1616 B Ave NE (Dr. Richard Lord)
13. 1544 B Ave NE (John B. Turner)
14. 1540 B Ave NE (David Turner)
15. 401 16th St Ne (Dr. Byron McKeeby)
16. 1635 (Albert & Mary Hanson)
17. 1736 D Ave (Walter Cherry)
18. 1548 D Ave NE (Robert McClenahan)
19. 1532 D Ave NE (Robina Wilson)

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